课时作业(九) 必修2 Unit 5 Rhythm


1.—Mom,can I stay inside and watch cartoons? —________I need you to help me in the garden. A.Why not? C.All right?

B.No way! D.No matter.

2.After two years off________screen,Peter is ready to be back in________public eye. A.a;/ C.the;/

B.a;the D.the;the

3.—I don’t know my way around the school. —Come,I________you. A.show C.will show

B.showed D.have shown

4.More and more attention________to wildlife protection in recent years but still more needs to be done.

A.has paid C.has been paid

B.will have been paid D.is paying

5.The planners decided to enlarge the four villages but preserve their individual________. A.identities C.treasure

B.awards D.respect

6.The helpful information is hard to find.This is________we decided to put together all that information into a one-stop website.

A.when C.where

B.what D.why

7.Andrew was repeating what he had told the manager earlier,______referring to his notes. A.at times C.in time

B.at a time D.on time

8.It is a project________I have devoted a great deal of thought,and I am confident that the board will accept it.

A.in which C.to which

B.for which D.with which

9.From the moment we met Cathy and her lovely son,we were made________completely

welcome and at home.

A.feeling C.feel

B.felt D.to feel

10.Everything will________right in the end—just wait and see. A.find out C.set out

B.come out D.point out

11.The beautiful scenery,________with delicious food and lovely weather,made our visit to Hawaii pleasant and unforgettable.

A.to combine C.combining

B.combined D.having combined

12.It’s a surprise that the faraway village has been ________into a famous tourist city in only ten years.

A.divided C.made

B.transformed D.broken

13.(2013·山东潍坊、东营、淄博、滨州四市联考) Everyone who reached the top of Mount Tai was________with a magnificent view.

A.awarded C.rewarded

B.admired D.appreciated

14.—It’s said that the panda is loved by everyone in China. —That’ s right.Chinese people see it as a national________. A.treasure C.mask

B.album D.award

15.(2013·西安第二次质量检测)Some of my friends like sports,________some would rather read.

A.so that C.while



A long time ago,my full-grown children were still “children”.I saw something that still stand by the window waiting every day for her bus to bring her home.

One day,a particularly dirty diaper (尿布B.although D.as if

still in the bathtub (澡盆).seemed that his internal (内在的around was one I in his life.It was pure joy and pure love.His big for something or someone to bring wanted in this life.It took me a long time ,I saw love,joy and peace.

1.A.inspiration C.freshness 2.A.related C.committed 3.A.work C.school 4.A.incident C.event 5.A.scheduled C.prepared 6.A.finished C.jumped 7.A.opened C.pulled 8.A.fast C.unsteady 9.A.clock C.memory 10.A.condition C.day 11.A.doubtfully C.attentively 12.A.silently

B.energy D.joy B.attached D.attracted B.college D.town B.story D.affair B.arranged D.discovered B.made D.stepped B.approached D.shut B.light D.proud B.time D.network B.case D.second B.impatiently D.excitedly B.properly

C.violently 13.A.innocence C.surprise 14.A.possibly C.rarely 15.A.welled C.closed 16.A.quick C.tiny 17.A.realized C.understood 18.A.where C.which 19.A.gradually C.generally 20.A.When C.Although Ⅲ.阅读理解

D.gently B.curiosity D.happiness B.occasionally D.just B.shone D.burned B.different D.strong B.concluded D.reflected B.what D.why B.finally D.suddenly B.Because D.Since


In an ideal world,people would not test medicines on animals.Such experiments are stressful and sometimes painful for animals,and expensive and time-consuming for people.Yet animal experimentation is still needed to help bridge vast gaps in medical knowledge.That is why there are some 50 to 100 million animals used in research around the world each year.

Europe,on the whole,has the world’s most restrictive laws on animal experiments.Even so,its scientists use some 12 million animals a year,most of them mice and rats,for medical research.Official statistics show that just 1.1 million animals are used in research in America each year.But that is misleading.The American authorities do not think mice and rats are worth counting and,as these are the most common laboratory animals,the true figure is much higher.Japan and China have even less comprehensive data than America.

Now Europe is reforming the rules governing animal experiments by restricting the number of animals used in labs.Alternatives to animal testing,such as using human tissue or computer models,are now strongly recommended.In addition,sharing all research results freely should help to reduce the number of animals for scientific use.At present,scientists often share only the results of successful experiments.If their findings do not fit the hypothesis being tested,the work never

sees the light of day.This practice means wasting time,money,and animals’ lives in endlessly repeating the failed experiments.

Animal experimentation has taught humanity a great deal and saved countless lives.It needs to continue,even if that means animals sometimes suffer.Europe’s new measures should eventually both reduce the number of animals used in experiments and improve the way in which scientific research is conducted.

1.What is the main idea of this passage?

A.The success of animal experiments should be ensured. B.A ban on the use of animals in the lab should be enforced.

C.Greater efforts need to be taken to reduce the number of lab animals. D.Scientists should be required to share their research results with each other. 2.Which of the following statements is true about animals used in the lab? A.America uses only about 1.1 million lab animals per year. B.Europe does not use mice and rats as lab animals at all. C.Britain does not use as many lab animals as China does.

D.Japan has limited data on the number of lab animals used each year.

3.Which of the following is mentionad as an alternative to replace animal experiments? A.Statistical studies. B.Computer models. C.DNA planted in animals. D.Tissue from dead animals.

4.What usually happens to unsuccessful animal experiments? A.They are not revealed to the public. B.They are made into teaching materials. C.They are collected for future publication. D.They are not removed from the research topic list.




1.解析: 由“我需要你在花园里帮我”可知答话人拒绝了问话人的请求,故选no way(决不,不可能)。no matter不要紧,无关紧要。

答案: B

2.解析: 两空考查的均为固定搭配:the screen电影,电影界;in the public eye常公开出现,受到公众的注意。

答案: D

3.解析: “我给你带路”是说话瞬间做出的决定,故选will show。 答案: C

4.解析: pay与attention之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故要用被动语态;时间状语in recent years常与现在完成时连用。

答案: C

5.解析: 扩大村庄时很重要的一点是保留其特色,故选identities(个性,特征)。award奖品;treasure财富;respect敬意。

答案: A

6.解析: The helpful information is hard to find是我们把那些信息集中放到一个综合性的网站上的原因,故选why。

答案: D

7.解析: Andrew在重复之前给经理讲的内容,所以需要“不时”看一下笔记,故选at times。at a time每次,一次;in time及时;on time按时。

答案: A

8.解析: “介词+关系代词”引导的定语从句修饰先行词project,题中用到了devote...to...结构,故选C项。

答案: C

9.解析: make后可跟由不定式构成的复合结构:在主动结构中,不定式不带to;在被动结构中,不定式要带to。故made us feel...的被动结构是we were made to feel...。

答案: D

10.解析: 由just wait and see可知破折号前的内容意为“一切最终都会好的”,故选come out(结果是)。find out找出;set out开始;point out指出。

答案: B

11.解析: 句意为:迤逦的风光,美味的食物和宜人的天气,让我们的夏威夷之旅愉快且难忘。be combined with...“和„„结合在一起”,这里用其过去分词短语作定语,相当于定语从句which was combined with...。

答案: B

12.解析: transform转变,改造。句意为:令人吃惊的是在短短十年间这个偏远的小村庄变成了著名的旅游城市。

答案: B

13.解析: 句意为:到达泰山顶部的每个人都能看到壮丽的景观。reward奖赏,奖励,多指对某人的工作或服务等的报答,符合语境。award因„„而授予某人„„,通常指正式地或官方地颁布、授予;admire钦佩,赞美;appreciate感激,欣赏。

答案: C

14.解析: 考查名词辨析。treasure财宝,财富。句意为:——据说中国人都喜欢熊猫。——不错。中国人民把熊猫看作是国宝。album 唱片,相册,集邮册;mask面具,面罩;award 奖,奖品。

答案: A

15.解析: 考查连词用法。句意为:我的一些朋友喜欢体育,而一些偏爱阅读。此处while是并列连词,表示对比,意为“然而”。

答案: C Ⅱ.完形填空

语篇解读: 这是一篇记叙文。通过弟弟每天守望在窗户旁,等待姐姐放学回家的一件小事,让人感受到了姐弟情深,给人以生活启迪。

1.解析: 根据文章最后一句可知,作者每每回忆起那一场景都会在心头迸发出一种喜悦之情。

答案: D

2.解析: 根据下一句中的“he would stand by the window waiting every day for her bus to bring her home”可知,儿子每天都在窗前等姐姐回来,说明他对姐姐非常依恋。be attached to sb.表示“依恋某人”。

答案: B

3.解析: 根据文章第一句中的“my full-grown children were still ‘children’”及第一段最后一句中的“every day for her bus to bring her home”可知,孩子们那会儿还小,女儿刚刚开始上学,因此需要班车接送上下学。

答案: C

4.解析: 小孩尿身上只是生活中的小事件或插曲,所以用incident表示“小事,插曲”。event大事件;affair事务。

答案: A

5.解析: 此处指班车每天按时间表到达。schedule预定,安排时间。 答案: A

6.解析: make it to在此处表示“到达”的意思。 答案: B

7.解析: 根据上下文可知,女儿到她自己房间换衣服刚关上房门,这个时候儿子从浴室里走出来,因而没有看到她。

答案: D

8.解析: 根据第一段第三句中的“My youngest son who had just learnt to walk”可知,这个男孩年龄很小,他的步子还不稳当,所以用unsteady。

答案: C

9.解析: 根据语境可知,儿子总能判断出姐姐回家的大致时间,仿佛他体内的生物钟能够感知到这一点。

答案: A

10.解析: 根据上文可知,姐姐理应在那段时间随时可能到家。 答案: D

11.解析: 儿子专注地看着窗外,没有注意到姐姐从房间里走出来。attentively专心地。

答案: C

12.解析: 根据上下文语境可知,姐姐轻轻地拍打着弟弟的肩膀。文章倒数第二句中的“the gentle tapping on my own shoulder”也是答案提示。

答案: D

13.解析: 根据下文“It was pure joy and pure love.”可知,儿子转过身来看见姐姐时,脸上露出的是那种纯粹的快乐和爱恋的表情。

答案: D

14.解析: 这种表情作者在儿子的脸上很少见到。 答案: C

15.解析: 根据语境可知,弟弟看到姐姐时眼睛里闪烁着快乐。 答案: B

16.解析: 根据上下文语境可知,这个小男孩很小,他的手臂当然很小。 答案: C

17.解析: 根据下文“I had spent far too much of my own life looking out a window waiting for something or someone to bring me...”可知,作者沉思了一会儿,想到多年前自己也有这样的经历。

答案: D

18.解析: 根据句子结构及意思可知,此处是宾语从句,连接词在从句中作wanted的宾语,并有“所„„的(东西)”之意,所以用what。

答案: B

19.解析: 这里指作者经过多年的体验和追寻,终于领悟到那种感觉。 答案: B

20.解析: 根据“当我转过身时,我看到了爱、快乐和和谐”可知,此处缺少表示时间的连词,所以用When引导状语从句。

答案: A Ⅲ.阅读理解

语篇解读: 用动物进行试验被人们的舆论推向了风口浪尖,然而,受诸多因素的影响,终止动物试验的道路依然任重而道远。尽管欧洲有严格的法律限制,但是仍然需要另找突破口。

1.解析: 主旨大意题。文章第一段指出用动物进行试验难以杜绝的原因,第二段提到欧洲对动物试验的法律限制的效果并不理想,第三段讲了欧洲为限制动物试验所作的努力,最后一段提到欧洲的新措施应该既要减少用于试验的动物的数量,又要改善科学研究的方法,所以C项最能概括文章大意。

答案: C

2.解析: 正误判断题。第二段的最后一句提到日本和中国与美国的数据相比甚至更不全面,由此可推知日本对每年用于实验室动物的数据记录有限。

答案: D

3.解析: 细节理解题。根据第三段第二句中的内容可知可用“人体组织”和“电脑模型”来取代动物试验。

答案: B

4.解析: 推理判断题。根据第三段中的倒数第二、第三句可知,科学家们只分享成功的试验,如果结果与假设不符,所做的工作将永不公开。由此可推断不成功的试验不会展示给公众。

答案: A


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