IBM 代表性考题

1. Describe your greatest achievement in the past 4-5years?

2.What are your short & long term career tives ? What doyou thinkis the most ideal job for you ?

3. Why do you want to join IBM? What do you think you can contribute to IBM?

Hongkong Bank 代表性考题

1. Please state why you chose to follow these activities and how they have contributed to your personal development. You may wish to give details of your role whether anyone else was involved and any difficul ties you encountered.

2. Please state how you have benefited from your work experience.

3. How much is your present monthlys alary including allowances?

4. Do you need to compen sate your present employer if you resign? If so, please give details.

5.Otherthan academic success, what has been your greatest achievement up to date? What do you see as your personal strength, why?

6.Pleasestate why the position you have applied for is appropriatefor you;why you have selected Hongkong Bank and what your careertivesare.


1. Describe an instance where you set your sights on ahighdemanding goal and saw it through completion ?

2. Summarizeasituation where you took the initiative to get others going onan important task or issue, and played a leading role to achievet here sults you wanted.

3. Describe a situation where you had toseekout relevant information, define key issues, and decide onwhichsteps to take to get the desired results.

4. Describe aninstance where you made effective use of facts to secure the agreement of others.

5. Give an example of how you worked effectivelywith peopleto accomplish an important result.

6. Describe acreative/innovativeidea that you produced which led to asignificant contribution to the success of an activity or project.

7.Provide an example of howyou assessed a situation and achieved good results by focusing on the most important priorities.

8. Provide anexample of how you acquired technical skills and converted them topracticalapplication.

A.T. Kearney代表性考题

1. Describe your greatest achievement in the past 4-5years?

2.What are your short-term and long-term career tives? What do you think is the most ideal job for you?

3. Why do you want to join A.TKearney? What do you think you can contribute to A.TKearney?

4. Whyare you applying for a position at Arthur Anderson?

5.What are you rexpectations of our firm?

6. Describe your hobbiesand interests.

Shell company代表性考题

1. How would your colleagues /classmates describe you in five words? On what evidence would they base this assessment?

2. If you are asked to recruit the best graduates for shell, what would you do to attract them? What would you do to select them?

3.Please describe a new activity that you have initiated andimplemented.Please highlight your role out.

4. Please describe your out standingnon-academic achievements.

5. Please describe any other significant activities you have been involved in includingorganizing people.

6.Imagine that Shell has found oil in an inland province of China,near a large river. You are responsible for planning how to transport the oil to the coast thousands of milesaway. What is the main issue you would consider, and what would you do?

CICC 代表性考题

1. Please tell us about an achievement that you are especially proud of because it was difficult or demanding.a) What the tive was? b) Why it is important to you? c) How you achieved itand the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to do so?

2. What is your career plan? Three years after graduation, and five years after graduation?

3. Why are you interested in investment bank ?Whatother industries do you also have interests ?

4. Why do you think you can be a qualified investment banker? How can you contribute in this industry ?

【问】Pleaseintroduceyourself. (请介绍你自己。)

【问】Doyouhaveanyactualworkexperience ?(你有实际的工作经验吗?)

【问】Howwereyourgradesatschool ?(你在学校成绩如何?)

【问】Doyouthinkyoureanextrovertoranintro-vert ?(你认为你是个性外向的人还是个性内向的人?)

【问】Whatisyourgreatestweakness ?(你最大的缺点是什么?)

【问】Couldyoutellmewhatdoyouknowaboutourcompany ?(可以谈谈你对本公司的认识吗?)

【问】Haveyousentyourapplicationtoanyothercompanies ?(你有没有应征其他公司吗?)

【问】Whyareyouinterestedinthisjob ?(你为什么会对这份工作感兴趣?)

【问】Whatareyougoingtodoifyouareorderedtoworkovertime ?(如果你被迫要加班,你会怎么办?)

【问】Whatsalarywouldyouexpecttoget ?(你希望拿多少薪水?)

问题一:Please tell me your work experience.(请告诉我你的工作经验。)

如果尚未开始工作,就可以回答“Right now Im still a student.”(现在我还是个学生。)或者说“Im a recent grad and I havent started working yet.”(我刚刚毕业,还没有开始工作。)“recent grad ”是“recent graduate”的缩写,意思是刚刚毕业。)

问题二:Whats your greatest weakness?(你最大的缺点是什么?)


问题三:Why do you feel you are qualified for this job?(你为什么觉得自己胜任这份工作?) 这时候你要充分发挥你的“自夸”本领。你可以讲述一些简历资料里面没有包括的技能;或者是再详细强调一下你的特长。

问题四:What kind of salary did you have in mind?(你期望的薪水是多少?)


问题五:If hired,when could you start work?(如果被雇佣的话,你什么时候开始工作?) 回答这个问题时一定要注意,不要说我马上就可以工作。那会让对方认为你非常迫切地需要这份工作。一个非常保险的回答可以是“我下月初可以开始上班。”

1.Tell me about yourself.

这是面试问题中的经典头道“开胃菜”,主要考察求职者的个性是否符合公司的企业文化,所以回答时要尽量贴近这个公司的情况来推销自己。比如这个公司属于汽车行业,那么你就该回答:“Driving is my hobby. I really love the feeling of running on the road and I take cars as my best friends.”要找到自己跟这个公司的切合点,让面试官了解你适合这个环境。

2.What are your three greatest strengths?

回答这个问题时不可以只是简单回答:“I ’m really organized, punctual and get along well with others. ”简洁、精炼找到这个公司所看重的特长,是回答这个问题的关键。像要应聘金融行业,可以说:“I think my three strongest strengths are details-oriental, patient and cautious.”但如果应聘者是一个销售精英,可以说:“I think my strongest strengths are aggressive, hard working and communicative.”总之,需要考虑到应聘公司及职务的需要来选择表现自己的优势。

3.What are your three greatest weaknesses?

铁芸强调,老板都愿意找到一个了解、热爱工作,并能够为公司创造价值的员工。所以不要很诚实地把自己的毛病都暴露出来,而是要有策略地选择一些能够为自己加分的缺点。比如:“I am a perfectionist and I pay very much attention to details. Sometimes I am quite captious.”

4.Why are you interested in working for our company?

此问题主要考察应聘者是否了解这个工作,或者是否真正有兴趣,所以需要围绕整个公司的具体情况,让面试官知道你很清楚这个公司的运营模式,以及对这项工作非常积极。建议不要以“It seemed like a good career move. ”或是“I havent been able to find anything else interesting. ”为开始。如果能有一些实际回答的话,加分会更多。应聘者可以这样回答:“I read an article in the newspaper and was very impressed by „„”但是前提是你必须真的对这家公司作了研究,同时也要注意,不要让面试官觉得你是为了讨好面试官而言过其实。

5.Why did you leave your last job?

跳槽的原因可能是因为上一份工作非常糟糕,但面试并不是适合抱怨的场合,而且千万不要对现有或是过去的雇主或同事进行这样的评论:“I didnt agree with the companys direction.”“I got no recognition for my work.”“My boss was totally unreasonable.”铁芸建议,要从自身发展的角度出发来回答:“I love my last job and really learned a lot from it, but I need a new platform and bigger space to make my career successful.”总之,要让面试官知道,以前的公司在你的眼中并非一钱不值,你是怀着感激来评价他们的。

6.If we hire you,how long will you stay with us?

老板想知道你会不会像离开上一份工作那样很快也离开这家公司,你可以回答:“As long as my position here allows me to learn and to advance at a pace with my abilities. ”这样就告诉老板,你是希望同公司一起成长,不会轻易地离开。


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