These sweaters produced in this factory are superior ______

quality ______ those made in other factories.

A. in, to

B. in, than

C. to, from

D. on, with

Each time when she is ______ stress, she will go to do physical

exercise to get herself relaxed.

A. below

B. on

C . under

D. over

To start an interior decoration business right now is really

______ my ability.

A. behind

B. below

C. beside

D. beyond

The purpose of technology is to serve people--- people ________,

not merely some people.

A . in


B. in

common C. in

practice D. in


The Lake District was not so beautiful and terrific ______ we had

imagined previously.

A. what

B. than

C. as

D. that

It wasn't such a good dinner ______ she had promised us before.

A. that

B. what

C. which

D. as

According to the rich man's will, his youngest son has the right to

succeed ______ both his mansion and property.

A. in

B . to

C. for

D. from

Liquid is a better medium for sound than gas; and solid is even

______ liquid.

A. good as

B. no better than

C . better than

D. so



A. so far


B . farther


C. further than

D. as far


It is ______ you to decide whether or not we will get a loan to buy a larger apartment.

A. but


B . up to C. next to D. according


She had donated all her money; she couldn’t have ______ to


A. fewer

B . more

C. much

D. less

______ is said, when you come to settle down in a new country,

you should do as the Romans do.

A. What

B. It

C . As

D. That

Few pastimes bring a family ______ together ______ gathering

around and listening to mother or father read a good story.

A. less close …than

B. nearer…as

C . closer… than

D. close …as

The old couple feel very lonely at home. They wish their only son

would visit them ______ he used to.

A . as often as

B. as more as

C. as possible as

D. as far as

After Mike told me what had happened, I was ______ worried than


A. no less

B. more

C. less

D. no more

In the US, advertising revenue( 收益) pays all the direct costs of

television and radio broadcasting and ______ 70% of the cost of

newspaper publishing.

A. the least of

B. no less than

C. much as

D. not so much as

In China, it takes each pupil more than 3 hours every day to finish

the homework assigned by their school teachers ______ average.

A. at

B. with

C . on

D. in

The small boat is ______ five feet, and it can only hold three


A. as far as

B. no less than

C. no more than

D. as long as

--- What do you think of the young director's newly made movie?

--- Well, it’s quite similar ______ its style ______ the previous


A. on, with

B. to, as

C. about,


D . in, to

If it hadn’t been ______ your timely assistance, we would have got ______big troubles.

A. of,


B. from, about

C. for,

into D. with,


There is no doubt ________climate, temperature,

manufacturing procedures, quality control processes---

each contributes to overall product quality.

A. whether

B. that

C. when

D. if

Then arose the question _______ we were to raise so much


A. where

B. about which

C. in which

D. that

The time of the day when you feel most energetic is ________ your cycle of body temperature is at its peak.

A. when

B. then

C. as

D. that

It was a matter of ________ would take that position.

A. whom

B. whoever

C. whomever

D. who

His wife's declaration proved false _______ his poems were destined

never to be published.

A. when

B. that

C. if

D. though

We are in favor of doing _________ is necessary to help those

children who suffer from autism.(自闭症)

A everythin

. g

B that


C whateve . r

D whicheve

. r

Before leaving for the airport, Judy wondered _________she

should tell her neighbor about her travel or not.

A. what

B. that

C. whether

D. how

Evidence came up _______ specific speech sounds are

recognized by babies as young as six months old.

A. which

B. whose

C. what

D. that

_________is needed is a continuous supply of the basic

necessities of life.

A. That

B. Everything

C. All

D. What

Nobody seems to know for certain from __________jazz took

its name.

A. what

B. that

C. whom

D. which

He will be thankful ___________________.

A. what help you can offer him

B. for what help you can offer him

C. for what you can offer him help

D. that you can offer him help

This museum will show you _____________.

A. fish and marine plants how coexist

C. how do fish and marine plants coexist

B. how fish and marine plants coexist

D. fish and marine plants how to coexist

Public schools must, except in extreme cases, accept

________ wishes to apply, including those with physical or

learning disabilities.

A. whoever

B. whomever

C. who

D. whom

____ Shakespeare wrote Titus Andronicus or not will always remain a secret.

A. When

B. That

C. If

D. Whether

I know nothing about the young lady ________she is from


A. except


B. except

C. except


D. besides

Some psychologists in the University of Sydney are investigating _______loud music interferes with driving.

A. which

B. what

C. whether

D. that

After the meeting, we summarized _______ was

accomplished and made a list of the follow-up activities.

A. all

B. that

C. what

D. which

Despite the fact _______ a good breakfast is one of life’s

essentials, many people still take no breakfast.

A. that

B. if

C. whether

D. why

Yesterday the government bulletin carried a brief report

______ five people had come down with a rare kind of


A. when

B. whether

C. that

D. if

A. how

A computer can only do ____ you have instructed it to do.

B. when

C. after

D. what

The Nobel Prize winners will receive the award on December

10, the anniversary of the death of Alfred Nobel, after

________ the award is named.

A. that

B. who

C. which

D. whom

Monet’s pond in his garden was a place ______ great

inspiration for several of his paintings.

A. which he draw

C. from which he drew

D. from that he drew

B. that he drew

Sam Walton is an easy-going man, _____ can be seen from the way he treats his employees.

A. that

B. what

C. it

D. which

A. that

To err is human. There are few people _____ have some flaws.

B. but

C. as

D. who

There are many ways ______ we can soften our criticism so as

not to offend others.

A. on


B. in

which C. of

which D. to


She wants to stay in a room, the window ____ affords

a bird’s-eye view of the whole city.

A. of which

B. of it

C. there

D. where

The company official ______ I thought would be fined received

a raise.

A. him

B. whom

C. he

D. who

The athlete was badly wounded in the competition. There was

little ____ for him.

A. for the doctor could do

C. the doctor could do

D. that for the doctor to do

B. which the doctor to do

The botanical garden is alive with rare trees and flowers, some _____ many of the tourists have never seen before.

A. of


B. some of


C. of


D. of


From the moment of one’s birth, the customs ________ he

is born shape his experience and behavior.

A. from


B. from

which C. into

which D. into


Prisons in some countries are short of staff, _____ means

each prison officer is overworked and underpaid.

A. which

B. what

C. this

D. it

The Dragon Boat Festival, _____ is known to all, is

celebrated in memory of Qu Yuan, a noble poet in the

Warring States.

A. that

B. which

C. what

D. as

All ________ is a continuous supply of the basic necessities

of life.

A. things are needed

C. that is needed

D. which is needed

B. what is needed

The knee is the joint _____ the thigh bone meets the larger bone of the lower leg.

A. where

B. which

C. when

D. that

The reason _____ he has locked himself at home for days

is that he has failed in the final examination.

A. why

B. from which

C. for that

D. since

The problem is that our company is not enjoying such prosperity

________ it was in the mid-1990s.

A. as

B. which

C. what

D. that

It is useful to be able to predict the extent _______ a

price change will affect supply and demand.

A. to which

B. in that

C. to that

D. in which

The marks and notes ________ you make while reading are

all your points of agreement, disagreement, doubt and


A. that

B. when

C. where

D. as

The day will come ______ we shall exhaust all the

conventional energy resources on the earth.

A. when

B. that

C. then

D. as

The first city _____ in France of course was Paris.

A. which we visited

B. where we visited

C. we visited in

D. we visited


_________ I agree with what you said, I don’t like the way you put


A. If

B. When

C. While

D. As

_______ the sweater is already too small, don’t worry about its


A. If

B. Since

C. Because

D. While

________ he could not persuade the other members of the committee, he gave in.

A. Seeing that

B. On condition that

C. Provided that

D. In case

You must learn to change your plan _______ the situation calls

for it.

A. until

B. when

C. as

D. unless

_____ people grow older, their sight and hearing become less


A. Since

B. As

C. Till

D. Unless

_______ you hand in your test paper, you are not allowed to take

it back.

A. Once

B. As

C. Because

D. When

I did not dare to take a short-cut back to the hotel ______ I should lose my way.

A. even though

B. so that

C. since

D. lest

______the government points out that smoking may be harmful

to health, they do not ban tobacco advertising, as tobacco is a

wonderful commodity to tax.

A. Now that

B. Since

C. While

D. As

Mike had walked for only a few minutes ______ it suddenly occurred to him that he was being followed.

A. then

B. while

C. when

D. as

Badly wounded ______ he was, the soldier crawled back to his

camp at the foot of the hill.

A. while

B. if

C. as

D. when

Don’t look at me that way _______ I am the murderer!

A. even if B. because

C. as if

D. unless

Some people do so many things ______ they often end up doing

none of them.

A. that

B. so that

C. when

D. until

_______ they’ve moved to another town far away, we won’t see

them often.

A. Seeing that

B. While

C. Now that

D. Until

____ the time the police arrived, more than 300 people were

shot dead.

A. As

B. At

C. By

D. When

________ busy the superwoman is, she always has time for

tennis and horse riding with her daughters.

A. Whatever

B. How

C. No matter

D. However

I have no objection _________ your father does not object to it.

A. so far as

B. unless

C. so long as

D. until

This is _________ an exhausting task that after I finished

it I could do nothing else.

A. what

B. too

C. such

D. so

Don ’t believe the rumor, no matter _____ often you hear it.

A. what

B. that

C. where

D. how

We can loan you the money _________ you return it within 3


A considere . d

B provide C permitte D conditione

. d

. d

. d

You’d better take the umbrella with you ________ it should rain.

A. so as

B. so that

C. in order that

D. in case


If this fighting finally brings peace to the area, the

soldiers will not have died ________.

A. on


B. in

vain C. with

efforts D. for


_____________ have I seen a student who is so absorbed in


A. Only

B. Really

C. Rarely

D. Occasionally

Of the many approaches to teaching and learning, distant

learning is ______ the most flexible.

A. on


B. as

much C. by far D. a good


Mike smokes in his office from time to time, _______ his

colleagues' complaint.

A ignorin

. g

B missin

. g

C excludin

. g

D denying


He spent years struggling for a pay increase, _______ to

resign from his job soon after he’d received it.

A. just

B. ever

C. only

D. alone

________ was his concentration on his career in those years

that Green had little time to do anything else except

for a brief visit to his parents in the countryside.

A. Much great

B. So

great C. Such great D. Too


--- “Let’s go to the movie this evening,” he said.

A. He wondered if we would go to the movie that evening.

B. He said that we would go to the movie that evening.

C. He told us to go to the movie that evening.

D. He suggested going to the movie that evening.

You have never stood up in front of other people and given

a speech, __________?

A. have


B. don't you

C. haven't you

D. do


Tom is not likely to get a permit. He says that ___________ .

A. if he had a permit he can get a job B. if he had a permit he could get a job C. if he has a permit he could get a job D. if he has a permit he can get a job

No sooner _________ sat down _________ they heard the

distant ring of the telephone.

A. had they…than

C. they had… than

D. they had…when

B. had they… when

---“Will she accept or decline the invitation?” he


--- He wondered ____________________.

A. whether she will accept or decline the invitation

B. if she would accept or decline the invitation

C. if or not she would accept the invitation

D. whether she would accept or decline the invitation

That first day at school depressed me, and during the next

few days I begged my parents to let me stay at home,

which of course was ________________.

A. out of question

B. beyond the question C. outside question

D. out of the question

--- “ It’s high time you passed your test,” my sister

said to me.

--- My sister said it’s high time that _____________.

A. you should pass your test

C. you had passed your test

D. I should pass my test

B. I passed my test

For decades the main aim of the company was to meet

government targets ______ to improve production


A. other than

B. rather than

C. less than

D. more than

He survived the accident, but his car was damaged

_____________ repair.

A. beyond

B. for

C. against

D. above

A human being is the kind of machine that wears out from

_____ of use.

A. absence

B. zero

C. freedom

D. lack

Some economists believe that only by balancing their

budgets ________________ increasing inflation.

A. can the government get rid of

C. the government can get rid of

D. can get rid of the government

B. the government gets rid of

“You’d better not drink the water till it has been boiled,” Jane said.

A. Jane warned us not to drink the water till it has been


B. Jane advised us not to drink the water till it had been


C. Jane wished we would not drink the water till it had

been boiled.

D. Jane asked us not to drink the water till it has been


The supermarket manager told the employees that they could

_____ __ polite enough to the customers.

A. have not


B. have


C. be


D. never


_________ have I told you not to ride your bike on the pavement.

A. At

times B. Many a time C. Some time D. Much



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