1.time is flying away,and years are passing by.only our friendship is always in my heart.farewell,my friend!take care,my friend!流水匆匆,岁月匆匆,唯有友情永存心中。朋友,再见!朋友,珍重!
  2.oh,my friend,do you like stars?if you feel lonely far away from home,look up at the stars in the sky, where there is a star for luck that i\'ve send you.朋友,你喜欢星空吗?如果有一天你在远方流浪时感到孤独、忧郁,请抬头看看星空,那儿有我送给你的幸运星。
  3.life is a profound book.other\'s notes cannot replace your own understanding.may you find and create something new in it.生活是一本精深的书,别人的注释代替不了自己的理解。愿你有所发现,有所创造。
  4.don\'t be disappointed on the journey of life.there are friends in the world.seize your chance and value your opportunities.may our friendship be everlasting.人生路上何须惆怅,天涯海角总有知音。把握机会珍惜缘分,祝愿我们友谊长存。
  5.time does not water down the wine of friendship;distance does not separate our hands of longing.wishing you happiness forever!时间冲不淡友情的酒,距离拉不开思念的手,祝福你,永远永远!
  6.i have three wishes:may our friendship warm our hearts!may joy be always with you and me!may we often meet each other!我有三愿:一愿友情温暖我们心田,二愿欢乐永驻你我心间,三愿我们常常相见!
  7.thinking of each other is just like a thread connecting both you on the one end and m e on the other end.思念是一条细长的线,一端系着你,一端系着我,时刻连接着两颗跳动不息的心。
  8.if i should meet thee,
  after long years,
  how should i greet thee?
  with silence and tears.
  —〔britain〕george gordon byron
  多年离别后,抑或再相逢,相逢何所语?泪流默无声。 ——〔英〕拜伦
  9.if life cheats you,don\'t be disappointed and worried.calmness is needed in melancholy days.believe that pleasantness is coming.long for the bright future though you are unhappy. all will pass by and everything will be over.past things will be pleasant memories. —〔russia〕alesander pushkin
  spring silkworm lifetime had not said the words praising self as , the silver wire that spits out is the rule measuring life value. teacher esteemed and beloved , you have been never before others florid , the peaches and plums that is in full bloom, is maximal valuation but to you. 春蚕一生没说过自诩的话,那吐出的银丝就是丈量生命价值的尺子。敬爱的老师,您从未在别人面前炫耀过,但那盛开的桃李,就是对您最高的评价。


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