Unit 1


what does----working why----worked what kind----journalism


when will----work Taila works----know Talia is----reporter

Tony is----boss Talia`s hair----take


What does Amy----party What is----Background What does Tony----big 11/19

Amy says----guy Talia tells----little Amy tells----konw Tony says----bit 12/19








Which one----work What is----often How is----very

About Robin----any About Robin`s----class


Kind /of/ it's /about /right/ I /did /past /three /years/ paid/ off /earned /break/ the/ case /in /comparison/ to/ depends/ on/ a/ lot /harder/ in

/general/ my /roommate /way /too/ for/ myself/ a/ balance


confident/relaxed/tense/in a bad mood


1)How about 2)too 3)Why don't 4)enough 5)Let's 6)to walk


1)am taking 2)work 3)have 4)am writing



3 1 1 2 3 1

Unit 2


What are----Gossiping What do Tony----Nick The information----money 8/19

In the----couldn't Amy has----has fallen Last year----lost If the



Whar is Amy----Make a copy Why does----bribe

What does----first Who knows----Talia


Talia----took Tony says----doesn't Tony is----able


get/ expert /run/ broadcast /competition/ In/ fact/ Speaking/ ought/ to/ give/ way/ Good/ thinking /handle /care /audio/ expert/ fast/ on/ it/ You/ do/ hard/ to/ believe/ wake /up/ smell /the/ coffee/ crazy/ famous/ taking/ a/ bribe/ smart/ I/hope /get /in /the/ way /work/ on


What's her----She would What did----The rest Baesd on----There is

Did she think----She thought Did she hear----little bit





fall----come to owe arise----come up What----What a shame

Thar's----That's not not take----sit out scandal----disgraceful





Forward /eliminate /apparently/ incredible

5/5 211132

Unit 3


Who said----Nick What doesn't----career What does----star


Tony asks----Nick Nuck says----not When did----More


At the----time What will----let What is----Crawford What does----go


Tony gets----finished Talia thinks----knows

Talia says----It won't Tony warns----trick her




What's the----whale There were----needed

Based on----sale Why didn't----like What would----Pop




figure it out/investigate/result/make sense/ruined


urgent----very important to put----risk semester----one of the

to confide----trust in charm sb.----to persuade scandal----a disgraceful 3A/5




Bench /expert/scandal/semester



Unit 4


find out--any way

remember--a little

8/19 amusing

English literrtute




10/19 What is--qualifying match

At the--unfair

Whick of--didn't you

What dose--soccer

11/19 He think Talia--doesn't

Talia says--trust

Nick gave--innocent

He probably feels--angry


listen/your/side/of/the/story/Nope/all/alike/judge/me/trust/only/goal/helping/win/deal/with/mess/charges/serious/threw/a/game/gambling debts/gave/access/to/stop/from/Did/you/or/didn't/you/throw/the/game/get/show/viewers/Take/your/pick/innocent


One of--doesn't When was--Recently Which statement--He works

About this--Those two How does--He looks not good


ran/into/my/gosh/doing/fantastic/the/same/old/how/exciting/perfect/for/or/something/like/that/a/boring/job/gets/to /telemarketing/telephone/company

2A/5 give someone--allow someone newspersons--journalists

throw a game--plan to your side--a partial

2B/5 Take a pick /Take it easy/Take your time/Take a look

3A/5 a a the a

3B/5 aren't I/will you/does she/could he/hasn't he/doesn't she/didn't I/wasn't he

4/5 no/ss/ar/al/um

5/5 I think I know you. How have you been?

No,I'am sorry. I'm afraid you've got the wrong person.

It was great to see you again. Here's my card.


1/3 When did--when he was a teenager

How did--making a living

2/3 Nick thinks--the same

Nick implies--Which story

3/3 plays/poetry/television station

1/3 in a bad mood /exhausted

2/3 trustworthy/dishonest

3/3 take it easy--relax

figure out--be able to make sense of

scandal--disgraceful action

throw a game--plan to lose a sports game

take your time--don't hurry

innocent--not guilty of a crime

1/3 are /am /Let's go /too much /why don't I

2/3 1)received 2)are going to 3)ever 4)should 5)'d better

3/3 1)aren't you 2)an 3)was 4)the 5)have seen 6)good 7)my 8)am able to

9)different 10)haven't been able to

1/5 略 这个我也补怎么懂 嘿嘿

2/5 busy/serious/talk

3/5 tonight--different


4/5 这些额听音标的。。。不会啊 我~~~~~~额,不好意思啊~

5/5 sit on the bench--rising

have some questions--rising

1/3 That's incredible

I'm sorry,but I have other plans

2/3 I was sort of hoping

it sounds really cool

I just don't want to go shopping

that would be a little more fun

That sounded really good

3/3 if you put it that way

I will spend a lot too if I go shopping

That's true

I just don't feel like it

Let's go see the movie then

Unit 6答案:

3/19 1.She was with Nick that day. 2.Talia. 3.No,because the result of the audit suggests the other way around.

8/19 1.he owes someone money 2.can't believe it's real 3.she believes Nick

may be innocent. 4.people sometimes do things that don't make sense

5.Making money 6.I believe that he didn't do it 7.Nick put $50,000 into his bank account before the match.

10/19 1.Talia should work with John on the story.

2.The bank statement shows that Nick is probably guilty.

3.He believes they have enough evidence now.

4.He says she should be more skeptical.

11/19 1.they have to air the story before the competition does

2.sometimes the truth is hidden

3.wants to finish the story by herself even more

4.Tony will be proud of her work

12/19 keep investigating , have no choice , going with , beat us to it ,

You've got to admit , missing something , as they seem , in this case , too trusting , skeptical , all right working on , fair , let my emotions color my judgment , let me down , won't be sorry

1A/5 1.Teenagers are allowed to get drunk in the bar if their parents are there with them.

2.ID that how they have the same last name.


4.Stop kids from drinking irresponsibly.


1B/5 says , at bars , to have their parents , thirteen years old , get drunk , you know , drinking irresponsibly , their kids , baby-sitter , bar owners , this is happening , crazy

2A/5 Take it from us...----We have lived...

We don't want...----We deside to...

For another,we don't...----For one thing,...

We never let our...----We are very sensible.

We'd better go with...----We don't have enough time.

2B/5 1.deposited 2.bank account 3.As a matter of fact

4.Take it from me 5.For one thing 6.except for 7.go with

8.beat us to it 9.let us down

3A/5 1.going 2.talking 3.eating 4.yourselves 5.myself

6.had known 7.would have brought 8.crying over 9.Enjoying

3B/5 1.may 2.may not 3.Is he 4.will 5.might not 6.may

7. are going to 8.might

4/5 1.e 2.e 3.an 4.o...e

5/5 1.Is it possible that Nick is not guilty?

2.might be 3.perhaps 4.Do you think

5.It's possible that Nick didn't take the money

6.might find

Unit 7 答案:

3/19 1.Because she wanted to talk with....

2.She was annoyed.

3.He explained to....

8/19 1.Because she wanted to make sure....

2.By cheating in the game.

3.Because he wants to amuse Talia.

4.She was angry,....

5.he agreed to ....

6.Nick had not ....

7.It's the brand name ....

8.Because she was angry.

10/19 1.To visit Jackie in person

2.A businesswoman.

3.He wasn't going to tell her the truth.


1A/5 They party+最长的 The first job in it

she wanted she might Thefir

st could go to earlier

1B/5 great opportunity audition for such a wonderful show the same


other plays coming along so perfect so

great about be invited go for it

2A/5 They paid me so that Ichanged I want to know The shoes will becone

Ok It doesn’t come and experience

2B/5 confirmed lines cone out basic

ally endorsed

3A/5 1)was taking 2)called 3)checked 4)was playing 5)quicker 6)more


3B/5 1.prefer to 2.prefer 3.would rather 4.would rather to

4/5 1.a 2.ir 3.off 4.fer 5.or

5/5 1.I see 2.How awful 3.How did it go? 4.Oh,really

5. Oh,really 6.Sounds like fun 7. Did you have a good time?

Unit 8 答案:

3/19 1.There was no .... 2.Talia 3.She was trying to ....

8/19 1.show that he was .... 2.Frustraed 3.Talia might have ....

4.Jackie has never worked in the building 5.Jackie Baker had never ....

6.he meant to make a joke. 7.Gower Building

8.for ten years 9.meet Jackie Baker

10/19 1.She used the receptionist's phone.

2.Because she thought Nick had lied to her.

3.She was very annoyed.

4.Neither Jackie Baker nor ....

11/19 1.he enjoys finding ....

2.show her anger

3.she thinks Nick ....



dead for a moment angry yell at Maybe Probably guest dial in big trouble have trouble with used to memory to make matters worse ridiculous took lunch voice mail available odd telling the truth lying see a good story

1A/5 1.Try to call .... 2.She could not find .... 3.She asked for Angie.

4.Meeting the first speaker. 5.Room 432.


looking for I mean quite a while at the desk whatever Kind of hard for her name impossible totally screwed up pretty clear meet me lobby 4 o'clock good idea try where she is why don't you how that goes

2A/5 1.If you'd like to ..., you can use ....

2.Nick did not .... and now he may get punished.

3.The peason you are calling can not answer ....

4.Tina was late for class,and to make the ....

5.Please wait a moment ....

6.Sorry,there is no one here who has that name.

2B/5 1.in that case 2.yell at 3.odd 4.Anyway 5.ridiculous

3A/5 全部是陈述句

3B/5 someone / used to /didn't use to /something /anything /

4/5 1.e 2.or 3.i 4.ridi 5.ai

5/5 1.Are you sure? 2.No doubt about it. 3.I'm positive. 4.Do you really think so?

5.Are you certain about that? 6.Oh,yes.Absolutely. 7.Do you really think so?

Text B 答案:

1/3 1.He accepts the offer.

2.accepting money ....

3.He had a health problem.

2/3 排序:

1.Nick meets Jackie Baker.

2.Nick explains the deal he made to Talia.

3.Talia desides to go see Jackie.

3/3 排序:

1.The receptionist gives the office location.

2.The receptionist gives directions to the office.

3.The receptionist asks fora signature.

1/4 (1)get along (2)get going

2/4 1.whisper 2.feel funny 3.mutter

4.feel for someone

3/4 (1)criticizing (2)pressure

4/4 4.let them off 5.acknowledged 6.made up

7.transferred 8.skeptical

1/2 better were having more

intelligent was listening would rather

2/2 used to be somebody who that person is

anybody where she lives

1/4 1.used 2.can 3.can't

2/4 3.her 4.he

4/4 1.Oh,you are looking for Jack Baxter.

2.She's VP at Kick shoes.

1/4 1.Sorry to hear that.

2.How was it?

3/4 1.Did he have a good time?

2.I have to take care of this one first.

3.I really doubt it.

4.Oh, really?

5.It's possible that Nick didn't take the money.

6.I'm tied up at the moment.

4/4 (1)Oh,really?

(2)How was it going?

(3)That's great!

Unit 9 答案:

3/19 5点 looking for There

8/19 Because he needed the recept he was still Because he wondeved He wasn’t very He over To find 6点

10/19 Because he was trying Tell the she has blue he just 11/19 I'm confused help she never

12/19 anything else someone else either In fact cheer up as bad as describe business suit excutive at all

1A/5 she can bring cook for Go to Aby's Emily's

1B/5 favor wondering bring two of my friends definitely supposed to messed up have a great time decorations last minute

cooking things great to serve 6:30 three of you

2A/5 the news+短的 Are you interest Hey, can may you +长的 I hend by she +短的

2B/5business overheard follow describ cheer up 3A/5 1)rushed 2)was checking 3)was playing went

3B/5may as honest as as positive as can could as disgusting as

5/5 sorry,but No,pr…… sure can I leave may be I can is it ok Do you

Unit 10 答案:

3/1 9 The woman The inter……did not answer An……Dear

8/19 he got into he made an he could not Things wer badly he wanted the woman the soccer the intertiew

10/19 Dean's They wear both she felt sorry she took

11/19 he wespects she has sarc…… sorry


around lately ran into admired ruining his career pretty

sure different changing the color wannabe tried out

Except for took lunch performance beginning to unfold

On the house in his favor soccer professionally

1A/5 do a survey noise is a the univer+长的 housing therre should

1B/5 on behalf of a couple of minutes greatly appreciated more time building classrooms dorm rooms

obviously point better quality more people at least pretty nice spacious rental houses stay in mixed

feelings involved in helps them out definitely issue

2A/5will be get up stop to his unexp be made

2B/5 uspended preformance catch up on on the house trying out

3A/5 on with/out /up

3B/5 losing /saying/ to need/ to wait

3C/5 until/when/have

5/5 Actually To tell you what do you I’m not really 同上 If you ask Frankly

Unit 11 答案:

3/19 she think To tell How good

8/19 he understand she joked……reporter upset she know Nick Nick she talks……party

10/19 It’s nicer he’s going……happened no kick+长的

11/19she is angry she doesn’t Dean sorry,Nick

12/19 won't be sorry admit lied There you are are got reservations just around the corner doing business so much pleasant talk

over over lunch sign basically says endorse the shoes tricked out of the way next in line star player amazing team office

make sure

1A/5 Sunday write Next w…… 4:30 M……

1B/5 are responsible for Africa visual aid in the outline easy look that up really quick have it all done due Wednesday need

to meet I'm supposed to do compile get our project done off the

Internet helpful use bring those in tomorrow

2A/5They+短的 jose+短的 jack+长的 we+短的 jane’s +短的 2B/5 persuasive tricked persuade raise broke over out of this word

3/5 went to see In orderto don’t have to help can’t to talk

5/5 I’ve got to is there anything Nothing I really need to Do you That’ll be

Unit12 答案:

3/19 To keep By working Nicknever had

8/19 Nick is more To tell him he is That having money problem they have been hard to the so长的

10/19 Surprisees长的 He want’s ……truth To prove He

didn ’t ……him

11/19he is N ick’s tell Nick 长的 almost uncertain

12/19buddy Tough rap really happened scheme talented plotting for dreamed up fake planning impressed

talking crazy expect figure out made up craziest stories pulled off typical so sure of popular prove


1A/5 she could she turned长的 A map of Africa Tuesday3小时 Teacher

1B/5 the habitat of the animals

blue folder rest of the project

map definitely different spot

turned it in reliable source

coming to me instead of positively check with

2/5 handed it in figured let you turn it

3A/5 how long for since has been playing

3B/5 figure them out help you out put them away clean it up the most expensive the best

5/5 I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. /Exactly.

/Do you mean that/NO,that’s not what I mean.

/ Could you go over it again? / Are you saying that


1/4 howdoes对He listened he wants to

2/4 says he hasn’t heard of Kicks shoes

to help Nick

eye color

3/4 Spread on the mustard:

1.Put on the cheese and avocado.

2. Put on the tomato and cucumber

3.Add the secret ingredient.

4/4 Gomez对if her team The team appearing



1/4 Marcello:Hi,Amy: pulled it off pass on

2/4 Talia:Hi,Mom: Keep cool play it by ear

3/4 come up with break down

4/4 out of control out of this world



1/4 the luckiest pick him up best for dream this up

2/4 Tony:So,Talia: think of working could start was doing as difficult as 3/4 Secretary: may to talk as easy as will give

4/4 interesting to buy surprised to invite have


1/5 up out

2/5 I want to get and it

3/5 single sound spr…… gl……

4/5suprised going

5/5 I have to has is ---------------


1/3 Yes,what do you neeed I really need to

2/3 Are you saping it Yes, that’s whatI mean

3/3 Are you saying it didn’t go well Yes,that’s what Imean


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