Part I Vocabulary an Structure

1. _____ difficulties they may come across, they will help one another to overcome them.(2014)

A. Whatever B. Whenever C. However D. Wherever

2. Education cannot be ____ in any country.

A.rejected B.deleted C.neglected D.refused

3. Although it’s tough finding a job these days, Henry got a _____ in a famous company.

A.place B.position C.post D.patch

4. The doctor said that mental _____ is the major cause of his sleeping problem.

A.tension B.sadness C.anger D.relaxation

5. _____ comes back first is supposed to win the prize. (2014)

A. One who B. Whoever C. Anyone D. Those who

6. The last time I saw her was _____ my brother’s wedding ceremony three years ago.

A.to B.at C.in D.during

7. I have two children but ____ of them likes fruits. A.none B.either C.neither D.both

8. He might have been killed_____the arrival of the police.(2014)

A.except for B.with C.for D.but for

9. Some areas, _____ their severe weather conditions, are sparsely populated.

A.due to B.but for C.in spite of D.with regard to

10. Many teenagers feel no difficulty _____ computer.(2014)

A.to learn B.learn C.in learning D.learned

11. No agreement was _____ in the discussion as neither sidle would give way to the other.

A.arrived B.obtained C.reached D.gained

12. A loud noise _____ my attention from cooking and everything was burnt.

A.divided B.diverted C.focused D.separated

13. Henry planned to visit _____ country besides England.

A.some other B.every other C.several others D.other

14. Before using your new pressure cooker, read the following _____carefully.

A.notices B.orders C.advertisements D.instructions

15. It is very expensive to _____ the fashion.

A.go along with B.get on with C.keep up with D.carry on with

16. If I have a good sleep, I’ll be_____ to work out the problem.

A.possible B.able C.capable D.reasonable

17. If you get into difficulties, don’t hesitate to _____ help.

A.ask about B.ask after C.ask for D.ask in

18. All of them are ____ at Lana’s achievement.

A.amazed B.interested C.fond D.proud

19. The football match was ____ on account of rain.

A.called up B.called on C.called off D.called for

20. Students should develop a good attitude _____ tests.

A.for B.with C.on D.towards

21. I’m _____ in this argument:I don’t care who wins.

A.natural B.central C.neutral D.middle

22. She passed me in the street,but took no _____ of me.

A.attention B.watch C.sight D.notice

23. Only in this way _____ get rid of your headache.

A.can you B.you can C.you will D.do you

24. Tolerance _____ respecting the opinions of others.

A.consists in B.consists of C.insists on D.depends on

25. The weather was good except for an _____ shower.

A.optional B.intentional C.additional D.occasional

26. He had his book _____ at his own expense. A.print B.printed C.to print D.printing

27 Patients’ bills of rights require that they ____informed about their condition and about alternatives for treatment.

A.are B.might be C.should be D.were

28. He studies so hard to avoid _____ at the bottom of the class.(2014)

A.finishing B.to finish C.finished D.finish

29. I thought you might be tired, ____ is why I decided to help you.(2014)

A.that B.this C.which D.as

30. No one should blind himself _____ the well-known fact.

A.with B.to C.for D.over

31. The color of the skirt does not _____ that of the coat.

A.balance B.match C.corresponding D.accord

32. The boy is eager to ______ knowledge in different fields.

A.accomplish B.absorb C.arrange D.approach

33. In my bedroom, there is a pair of scissors, a stack of books and _____ flowers on my desk.

A.a piece of B.a pocket of C.a slice of D,a bunch of

34. Ryan was late for the conference yesterday ______ the traffic jam. (2014)

A.because B.since C.for D.because of

35. As far as the professor______, college students should get into the habit of studying by themselves.(2014)

A.concern B.concerns C.concerned D.is concerned

36. We have to get that car fixed _____.(2014)

A.no matter it costs how much B.no matter how much costs it

C.no matter how much it costs D.no matter how much does it cost

37. When I was a child, I used ____ to the river and bathe in the evening.(2014)

A.to going B.to go C.go D.going

38. Nobody could _____a satisfactory explanation of the accident.

A.come up with B.come through C.come upon D.come into 39. _____ my delight,our school football team won the game easily.

A. In B. Of C. To D. For

40. ______driving to work, Mr. Lead usually goes to his office downtown bu train. (2014)

A. Without B. Instead of C. In case of D. In spite of

Part II Cloze

Many visitors to the United Kingdom go straight to London and never set foot outside the capital---which is a pity, of protected countryside, a natural park. the second half of the 20th century after popular pressure for access

The biggest is the Cairngorms in northern Scoland, named of the country’s highest mountains and golf. don’t like the

to the summit in less than ten minutes. lake is over 200 meters Over the border in England is the Lake District, famous by Romantic poets such as William Wordsworth two hundred years ago. People have been here en mass since 1847 to its biggest lake, Windermere. stone, timber and wood, today’s craft are more likely to carry 41. A.to find B.to be found C.finding D.to have found

42. A while B.As C. If D. Since

43. A.certainly B.formally C.normally D.gradually

44. A. To create B. Creating C. Create D. Created

45. A.for B.to C.by D.in

46. A.for B.by C.with D.after

47. A.pleasant B.favorite C.popular D.favorable

48. A. Creature B. Wildlife C. Plant D. Botany

49. A.way B.road C.walk D.step

50. A.below B.up C.above D.under

51. A.which B.what C.when D.where

52. A. At B. On C. To D. In

53. A.interest B.attraction C.pleasure D.place

54. A.depth B.deeply C.deep D.deepness

55. A.recently B.lately C.eventually D.originally

56. A.traveled B.traveling C.travel D.to travel

57. A.when B.because C.while D.as

58. A. As B. Because C. Since D. While

59. A.moving B.running C.transporting D.sending

60. A.goods B.materials C.tourists D.products

Part III Reading Comprehension

Passage One

I strongly believe that understanding is more important than love, especially when it comes to parenting and intimate relationships. As a psychologist for more than twenty years I can tell you that I have never had an adult looking back at her childhood and complaining that her parents were too understanding. And similarly, I have met many divorced people who still love each other but yet they never really understood each other.

The painful reality is love is just not enough. I’ll admit that there are people who I love and who I still need to better understand. I hope I will continue my work to understand them. The willingness to understand is very important. It is not always easy,but healthy love is strengthened by the willingness to understand. Love without understanding will wilt like flowers without water.

Our egos are what seem to get in the way of understanding those who we love and care about. Often it is our need to be right that makes what others think and feel so wrong for us. I have certainly been quite guilty of this in some of my relationships.

As I have written repeatedly in my books, empathy , is truly the emotional glue that holds all close relationships together. Empathy allows us to slow down and try to walk in the shoes of those we love. The deeper our empathy, the deeper---the healthier---our love. Not all relationships are meant to be. Yet all relationships that are meant to flourish in a healthy way, must stress understanding just as much, if not more, than love.

61. From the passage, we know that _____.

A.the author complains about her parents’ being too understanding

B.the author has been studying marriage for more than 20 years

C.People divorced mainly because they didn’t love each other

D.Some people divorced because they couldn’t understand each other

62. Why are we unable to understand the others sometimes?

A. Because we are caring the others too much.

B. Because it is quite difficult to understand the others.

C. Because we believe we are always right

D. Because the others have done something wrong

63. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A. Understanding is more important to parenting relationships than to other intimate relationships.

B. Understanding is less important than love as far as marriage is concerned.

C. Understanding is more important than love to some degree.

D. Understanding is more often neglected in parenting relationship.

64. If we are to understand our parents, we should firstly _____.

A.have willingness to do so B.have love for them

C.get into connection with them D.care about them

65. In this passage, the expression “walk in the shoes of” is similar in meaning to ____.

A.befriend B.understand C.love D.care about

Passage Two

Finally, the Christmas season is over. We can take a long breath, put up our feet, sip from a cup of good tea and relax. The frenzy, starting from Black Friday right after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, of gift shopping, buying, wrapping, giving, receiving, opening, returning...is exhaustive and time---consuming, but it takes place every year.

There is considerable difference between the cultures in China and western countries when it comes to gift giving. In China, it is not polite to open a gift in front of the gift giver, and gift is only looked at after the guest has left. Here in America, gift givers always wrap their gifts, large or small, priceless or valueless, carefully and decorate them with colorful ribbons and little pretty paper flowers; and the lucky receiver is expected to open the gift right away in front of the giver, with great eagerness and curiosity, and should always express appreciation with the all time truthful comment,“this is just exactly what I wanted!” Well, as a matter of fact, most people would take their“always wanted” gifts back to the store to exchange for something they really wanted.

Finding a gift for somebody, even a close family member, you will have to know what the person likes and shop for days before you can locate the perfect gift. But , still the person may not like the gift from you. Nowadays, stores would provide two copies of the receipts for anything they sell as a gift, one of which is included in the gift packaged so that the receiver can come back for an exchange. I know, it was unthinkable to cash out gift you get, but, times are different. Another good way to avoid all that shopping hassle is to purchase a gift card from one of the stores and send it to your niece, nephews, or a family member, so that they can get whatever they want or even keep the money.

66. Finding a gift for somebody is a(n) _____.

A.easy job B.tough task C.must-be job D.arranged task

67. It is quite _____ for Chinese people to open the gift in front of the givers.

A.usual B.normal C.abnormal D.unusual

68. Gift giving is the same thing in China and America in that _____.

A.people spend a lot of time preparing a gift

B.People would cash out the gift immediately

C.People are eager to open to get a gift from a friend

D.People are less willing to give gifts.

69. Which of the following is the author’s suggestion?

A. Open a gift immediately in front of the giver.

B. Wrap the gift carefully.

C. Express the appreciation for the gift you receive.

D. Buying a present card to avoid the trouble in shopping

70. The author’s attitude towards gift giving is_____.

A.indifferent B.protesting C.objective D.supportive

Passage Three

They already guide blind and disabled people ;now dogs are to be trained to help people with dementia(痴呆).The duties of these “guide dogs for the mind” will include reminding their owners to take medication, as well as encouraging them to eat , drink and sleep at regular intervals.

The dementia dogs will be trained to respond to sound triggers in the home that prompt them to perform tasks .These could include delivering a bite-proof bag of medicine with a note inside reminding the patient to take it , or waking them up in the morning.

The idea was developed by design students at the Glasgow School of Art and will now be put into practice by Alzheimer’s Seotland and Dogs for the disabled.

Joyee Gray of Alzheimer’s Scotland said:“People in the early stages of dementia are still able to live a relative normal life , and dogs help to maintain routine .”

The other advantage of using the pets as companions is that conversation can be increasingly confusing for people with Alzheimer’s ,but dogs can give them a sense of silent support and companionship . People light up when they can see animals .They don’t need to communicate verbally but they can still interact . You can have a speechless bond .

The dog would also encourage the owner to take them out for walks ,ensuring they keep exercising and interacting with other people .

71.As is mentioned in the passage ,the guide dogs will do the following except for ____ .

A.helping ensure the owner doing some exercises

B.reminding the owner to take medicine

C.communicating with the owner in a non-verbal way

D.helping the owner recover from the illness

72.Who will train the dogs to perform such tasks?

A.The students who developed the idea.

B.The owners of the dogs.

C.The experts in Alzheimer’s Scotland .

D.It is not mentioned in the passage .

73.What is true about the people suffering from dementia?

A.They would like to stay with other people.

B.They can maintain routine .

C.They will gradually lose the ability to live a normal life .

D.They would like to talk in a different way .

74.The guide dogs helping the people with dementia will ___.

A.respond to the owners order

B.respond to a sound device

C.act on the owners instructions

D.act on the trainers order

75.Having a conversation with people with dementia will be ___.

A.difficult B.interesting

C.confusing D .encouraging

Passage Four

It seems obvious that you don’t give away your product for free but this is exactly what indie rock group The Crimea did earlier this year. The band’s reasoning goes like this: more people will download the free album than would pay for it. Therefore, more people will hear The Crimea’s music. These people will then pay money for concerts by the band and perhaps buy a T-shirt or other merchandise. If the band play regular concerts to crowds of 200 or 300 people they can make more money than they would from sales of CD. There will always be some

people who want something they can hold in their hands so they will release the CD into the shops too---but making money through sales of their music isn’t the top priority.

The story illustrates the creative thinking going on in their music in response to dramatic changes over the last few years in the way that people buy music. Sales of music digitally ---to computer, phone and MP3 players rose to $2 billion in 2006---an increase of almost 100 percent on the previous year---yet overall record company sales are down. People are simply not buying CDs in record shops in anything like the numbers they used to. This trend looks set to continue so the big questions for the music industry is whether they can successfully manage the move to being primarily a digital industry without profits falling to unacceptable levels.

There are both positive and negative signs. On the plus side, more and more people are buying music by mobile phones, which allows people to make impulse purchases---they can buy a song as soon as they hear it. Research by the UK mobile operator 3 suggested that 75 percent of 16 to 24-year-olds wanted to buy a track they liked as soon as they heard it. With so much competition for people’s disposable income, a product you can sell immediately is a big advantage.

The bad news for the record companies, however, is the amount of music that is downloaded illegally. Piracy---usually in the form of cheaply copied CD---has long been an issue for the music business but the internet means music can be copied and distributed freely through file-sharing sites on a large scale than ever before. It is this situation that leads bands to start giving away their music for free and promises to make the next few years a very interesting time in the music business.

76.What is unusual about the Crimea’s business plan ?

A.Their business was given away free on the Internet .

B.They gave CDs away free in shops .

C.They played free concerts.

D.They charged more for their CDs.

77.The Crimea hope to make money___.

A.through CD sales

B.by giving concerts and selling T-shirts and other merchandise

C.by selling merchandise on the Internet

D.through sales of merchandise in shops

78.The Crimea also released CDs for sale in shops because ___.

A.people who attend their concerts need them

B.they want to make extra money

C.there are still people who prefer CDs to other formats

D.people who fail to attend their concerts need them

79.What is true about sales of music over the last year?

A.Overall,sales are up on last year.

B.Overall,sales are down on last year.

C.There is no change compared to previous sales

D.It is not mentioned in the passage.

80.What effect has internet had on music piracy?

A.It is made it easier to fight piracy

B.It has increased the number of pirate CDs available.

C.It has made it easier to illegally copy music.

D.It has reduced the number of pirate CDs available.

Part IV Translation

Section A






Section B

86. It is typical of him to be late.

87. It’s no good learning English without practice.

88. Man was,is and always will be trying to improve his living conditions.

89. An idle youth,a needy age.

90. The doctor will get more practice out of me than out of ten ordinary patients.

Part V Error Correction A B C D

A B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D Einstein’s theory A B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D ____________ A B C D Part VI Writing

Directions: For this part ,you’re required to write a composition with at least 120 words based on the following picture.Please entitle an write it on the Answer Sheet.




Part I Vocabulary and Structure (40小题,每小题1分,共40分)

1 -5 DBDAB 6 -10 DADAB 11-15 ABDDB 16-20 AAACC 21-25 BCBAB

26-30 ABDDC 31-35 DCDAD 36-40 BCCCC


41-45 ACADA 46-50 CBDCB 51-55 ADACB 56-60 DBABD

Part III Reading Comprehension (20小题,每小题2分,共40分)

61-65 CDBDC 66-70 BDABD 71-75 CBABA 76-80 ADDBA

Part IV Translation (10小题,每题2分,共20分)


81.No matter how complicated the problems may seem to be,he always finds ways to solve them.

82.Having taken her breakfast,the writer sat in the study among her morning letters.

S3.She always gives me a cheery greeting.

84.Are you traveling by land or by sea?

85.Child's character is greatly influenced by family environment.







Part V Error Correction(10小题,每小题1分,共10分)



91. B. so—such 92. A. supposed--supposing

93. B. were—was 94. A. look looking

95. C for—with 96. A. Has been stolen--was stolen

97. A. permit--permitting 98. C when--than

99. C. mustn't~didn't 100. C. are is

Part VI Writing(20分)

Your Shoes Are Comfortable with feet or Not

Only your feet can tell whether your shoes are comfortable or not. That means you are the judge of your own business. It is just this consciousness that enables you to enjoy a promising and successful future.

Why should we judge things according to our own situation? Nothing can be better explanations than the following factors. First and foremost, there is no doubt that you are the person who knows yourself best. You nearly know everything about yourself including merits and demerits. What’s more, frequent and brave trials must make contributions to your final decision,which may be the most suitable for you. Last but by no means least, during the course of trying various things, it is definite that you will gain a large amount of social experience.Obviously it will enlighten you in the future.

To sum up, whether your shoes are comfortable or not all depends on yourself. Consequently, you are supposed to make a positive choice according to your own situation in that what suits you most is the best.


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